When is HELSUS festival held?

HELSUS 2017 takes place May 20th – 21st in Pasta Island, Jelgava.


HELSUS festival 2017 is made by 7 “gardens”: Soul, Physical culture, Environment, Health, Nutrition, Self-knowledge, Children/Education

What is the program, when and where will the activities/lectures be held?

The program is published HERE

Where can the tickets be purchased?

  • Tickets can be purchased in, beginning from March 1st 2017.
  • Tickets can be also purchased on site. The ticket price remains unchanged.
  • While accompanied by parents, children till age 12 have free entrance.

Are all activities without additional fee?

Yes, all workshops; activities in Gymnastics area, concerts and lectures within the festival, Inspiration room, Latvia University of Agriculture etc. are free of additional charge.


  • Minibuses and buses “Riga – Jelgava” run approximately four times per hour from Riga International Coach Terminal. The length of the ride – 55 minutes; price: 2,30 Eur. When crossing Lielupe River in Jelgava, You have to get off on the first stop: “Jelgava Castle”.
  • Trains “Riga – Jelgava” run approximately once per hour from Riga Passenger Train Station. The length of the ride – 51 minute; price: 1,90 Eur.
  • Opposite to Jelgava Castle a special, free of charge parking lot will be open.

Visiting hours

  • 20.05. Festival (participants’ stands) will be open from 11:00 till 18:00.
  • 21.05. Festival will be open from 11:00 till 17:00.

Will there be food/meal stands?

List of providers will be published before the festival.

Where to accommodate overnight?

Visitors, who are coming from afar, can accommodate in one of several Jelgava’s hotels or campsites.

Conditions to be met

  • Festival is free of alcohol and cigarette smoke.
  • Pasta Island can’t be entered with dogs.

For Your convenience

You are welcomed to take a plaid or blanket. It could be useful during activities or free time.



HELSUS festival is a once a year unique experience to meat 240 specialists from different disciplines, all in one place:

Hear 21 lecture from Latvian and international lectures;
Try at least 15 different physical practices;
Consult with at least 100 specialists;
Know oneself through at least 30 practices;
Try different sauna strokes and massages;
Learn alternative ways, how to consciously live through every day;
Reveal one’s creative spirit through many workshops provided.

…the festival is an event, where we can discover inspiration, courage to act differently, meet like-minded people, unite and create together…

…it is a chance to find strength for individual and collective action – choose a new path.

At the same time we ask – don’t attach too much to anything. Don’t consider anything as the absolute truth. Explore, listen, know, feel, but always keep you heart as the way finder… Be open to everything, but don’t attach. Because the aim is to discover oneself as the healer, seer, advisor and guide. It all rests within. Discover it!

In HELSUS festival You can know and try different paths; feel how to trust Your heart, Yourself and act accordingly. HELSUS is an intense training spread over two days! All in one place. Maybe You will try everything You have dreamed about and learn that You don’t need any of it – that is also a part of the road.

We invite to waken the true essence and heart wit…know Yourself and widen the Consciousness!