Igors Kudrjavcevs

Qi-gong and homeopathy practitioner, founder of Verbal Resonance®.

Jure Bieconski

Transpersonal psychologist, President of the Estonian Trasnpersonal Association.  

Ojārs Rode

Founder of union "Folk-school 99 White horses" and school director.

Edgars Mednis

Pediatrician, homeopath. Head of Āgeneskalns clinic.

Juris Bušs

Herbalist, medicinal plant researcher.

Artūrs Tereško

Phytotherapy researcher and acupuncture practitioner.

Māris Žunda

Wim Hof method's practitioner and teacher.

Andris Račs

Latvian astrologer. From 2000 till 2007 was the first President of the Latvian Association of astrologers.

Andre Stern

HELSUS guest-lecturer form Paris. André Stern is a musician, music composer, guitar maker, author and journalist.