The application acceptance for HELSUS festival 2017 has begun. Contact us!

Working hours

The festival will be open for visitors from 10:00. But participants’ stands have to open from 11:00.

  • 20.05. Stands are working from 11:00 till 18:00 (A stand can operate longer, or it can be closed from 18:00.).
  • 21.05. Stands are working from 11:00 till 17:00. At 17:00 the festival is closed.

Take along additional stand helpers, so that You also have the chance to explore the festival and get to know other participants.

Where will my stand be placed? Is a choice possible?

On arrival You will be welcomed by the personnel and given a card with Your stand’s location. The stand will be marked in Your chosen garden and highlighted with a signboard. The signboard has to stay in its place during the whole festival.

When does the installation take place?

  • 19.05. Pasta Island can be entered by car only from 14:00 – to unload the necessary equipment, park the car outside the territory and begin the stand’s construction. They, to whom the stand’s installation is quick, can do it in the mooring of 20.05., but be aware that after 9:00 no car will be allowed inside Pasta Island.
  • Starting from 19.05. till 21.05. Pasta Island will be guarded, but we advise not to leave any valuable belongings in the stands.

Where to park the car?

Participants have a parking lot across Latvia University of Agriculture. Special parking tickets will be distributed.

When does the dismantle take place?

On 21.05. the stands can be dismantled starting from 17:00. But be aware that, because of intensive visitor stream, cars will not be allowed in Pasta Island immediately. Likewise all participants will not be allowed simultaneously. A precise time sheet will be sent to You before the festival.

Where to accommodate overnight?

  • One of the options are the university’s dormitories (6 Eur/night). It includes a 2-3 person room, common kitchen and showers.


Participants, who wish to use this option, has to contact the dormitory managers and reserve the rooms:

Antra (manages the hotels that are near Pasta Island) – 28385899;

Baiba – (manages the hotels that are a little further in the city) – 28692103.

  • It is also possible to use one of Jelgava’s hotels or a personal tent by the stand in Pasta Sala.

Will there be food/meal stands?

List of providers will be published before the festival.